Some of the Things I Love About Fall

Hands down, my two favorite seasons are spring and fall, sans seasonal allergies. But, let’s just talk about fall. Fall 2017 officially started on Friday, September 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere, which was one week ago today. The weather has not been too fall-like here in Central California, as we’ve hit some temperatures in the 90s this week, but the extended 10-day forecast does show temperatures in upper 70s to the low 80s. Truth be told, I’m so ready for sweater weather!

My list of “things I love about fall” is a simple one, and I’m sure that many other fans of the fall season will relate:

Cooler temps: It’s chilly enough to wear several light layers — long sleeves, sweaters, scarves — yet not cold enough to have to go out bundled up tight.

Pumpkins: The pumpkin is a symbol of fall. Pumpkin patches, pumpkins at the farmers market, pumpkins at the grocery store, homemade pumpkin baked goods. Orange, white, green, blue, yellow, carved, painted, etc. — no matter the color or style, I love all the pumpkins!

Leaves: Leaves change to all sorts of colors. Some are bright orange and red, while others turn burgundy, yellow or shades of brown. Although I don’t enjoy having to rake up fallen leaves, I do enjoy their company.

Rain: In many areas, the rainy season starts during the fall months. The sound of rain pitter-pattering on roofs, falling through trees and dropping into water sources is just so delightful and soothing. And that fresh rain smell … yes, please!

Soup: Sure. You can make soup any time of the year, but a cool fall day is the perfect excuse for cooking hot soup on the stovetop. Or, put that slow cooker to work. Soup is fairly easy to make, and use the right ingredients for a healthy meal.

—> One thing I hate about fall (and cold weather in general): I’m a flip-flop girl who goes barefoot whenever possible. Needless to say, I DO NOT like wearing shoes. Shoes and boots are feet prisons. And don’t even get me started on socks …


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