Things You Might Enjoy Doing Before the Official End of Summer


So, it’s the start of another new month. Where did the time go? Is it really already September? Yes … yes it is. But even though it is only September, this is the one month that acts as a bridge between the end of summer and the start of fall. September is likely to have many hot summer days early on, the scents of the fall season taking over later. The good news is that summer is still here, meaning you still have some time to do a few last fun summertime things.

Without further ado, I present to you some things you might enjoy doing before the official end of summer:

Spend a day (or a weekend) at the beach

Listening to ocean sounds is an excellent way to take a breather and relax your body and mind. Spend some time with the ocean, whether sitting on the sand, the rocks, a hotel balcony or a boat. Don’t live near a beach? Find a nearby lake, river or pond and take in the sounds of nature there.

Throw a backyard bash

A backyard barbecue is the epitome of summer. If you have a yard and enjoy hosting, it’s an easy event to throw. You can pretty much grill anything, so send out an invite welcoming everyone to bring something to toss on the grill. All types of burgers, kabobs, jumbo shrimp, veggies, fruit and more!

Finish reading a book

Whether you’re a bookworm or only dabble in a chapter time to time, finishing a book—or four—by the end of any season is satisfying. Words take you on all sorts of imaginary adventures, clears your mind of the real world for a time, even inspires readers to try doing new things. Approximately three weeks of summer remain, which is plenty of time to finish a book. That’s not to say you can ‘t start a new book now and take your time reading =)

Go wine tasting somewhere you’ve never been

Wineries and tasting rooms are not hard to find, depending on where you live. Google search for a few nearby wine areas that are new to you and plan your day trip. As fall approaches, grapevine leaves begin to change color, a beautiful sight—that’s one reason why the end of summer is a good time to hit up wine country. New to wine? Invite a wine loving friend to go tasting with you. They can suggest their favorite wineries and introduce you to the wine tasting lists.

Get a tattoo

Okay, maybe getting a tattoo is not one of the first things on your mind when you think of the summer season. But if you do want one, first make sure you really want it—it will be on your body forever—and learn how to care for it while it heals. Why get a tattoo toward the end of summer? Well, the weather is beginning to cool down, meaning you won’t have to deal with too much sweating under your bandage and the sun won’t be as hot on your fresh ink.

Obviously, these are just a few of the things you can do this summer. And if you are reading this any other season, they still apply! I even plan to check off some of these myself. What fun end of summer things/activities are on your list?




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