A California Petite Sirah avec Fresh Fruit

You may have attended a food and wine pairing event, paired at home without even knowing it, or have been invited to a dinner where a particular wine was served with the meal. But, what about a fruit and wine pairing? How do you feel about fresh coconut meat with wine?!

First, about the fruit in the bowl:

A California Petite Sirah avec Fresh Fruit

When I was a kid my dad was active duty military, hence the moving around. When I was around 4 years old my dad was sent to and stationed in The Philippines, and in the backyard of the house where lived were coconut trees. They were extremely tall (or maybe they just appeared really tall because I was four) with giant coconuts clustered up top. If you have ever tasted freshly harvested coconut — I mean, there was a guy who climbed up the tree, free-hand, cut down those giant nuts, husked them for us, and stuck straws into the shells through an eye so we could drink the juice. I’m actually drinking coconut water right now, but from a cup =) Then, after we finished the juice, he would crack open and get the coconut meat out — once you’ve had coconut as fresh as that, you never forget!

A California Petite Sirah avec Fresh Fruit

Alas, I do not have a coconut tree nor do I live in an area that grows them, so I get mine from the local grocery store or Asian market. Still yum.

You’re probably thinking out loud, “What about the wine?”…I’m getting there!

But before I get to talking about the wine, it’s strawberry season and than means damn delicious strawberries are everywhere! In the stores, at the farmers markets, roadside stands, even in home gardens. I’m looking forward to making a batch of my strawberry shortcake cupcakes, but that’s a post for another time. Also, I recently picked up some blackberries and blueberries at the store, although I’m not sure if those are in fully swing yet.

Now, about the wine in the glass:

A California Petite Sirah avec Fresh Fruit

This is a Petite Sirah from Bogle Vineyards in Clarksburg, CA. This winery is only 40-ish minutes away from where I live, yet I have not paid them a visit and I don’t know why. On a side note,  the website shows a Bogle wine list so much greater than what you can find in-store, and on top of that, they’re a sustainable California winery. I must visit! *Update 7/10/16: I finally made it out to Bogle! It’s a wonderful winery and I’m looking forward to more visits.

Pronounced the same, you might see it spelled both Petite Sirah and Petite Syrah. If you need assistance pronouncing Petite Sirah (puh-teet see-rah), the great wine mind of Wine Ponder has this wine name and more written out for you along with clickable audio files! Awesome, huh?

I’m a darker, full bodied red wine kind of gal, which means that this petite sirah satisfies. To me, it was not at all overly sweet or fruity, nor finished with a bitter tannic taste. It is a rather pleasant and, as the winemaker describes it, luscious wine that I find pairs well with most foods. Also nice on its own.


With this 2012 vintage, the big, dark, luscious “heritage” Petite Sirah from Bogle has returned en force!

Petite Sirah is always rich and concentrated, but the 2012 takes these characteristics to a whole new level. Inky and muscular, the fruits of intense blueberry and dark Marion berry hold court in the glass. Leaving little room for much else, the full bodied mouthfeel envelopes the senses, leaving a powerful impression. The wine finishes with brawny tannins, softened only just slightly by notes of freshly baked blueberry pie: warm fruit compote, vanilla, nutmeg and the desire to take another sip.

— winemaker notes from boglewinery.com

Finally, fruit & wine together:

A California Petite Sirah avec Fresh Fruit

I tend to nibble on a piece of fruit, then I “cleanse” my palate with sips and swishes of wine before going for a different type of fruit. As expected, the strawberries and blackberries enhanced the berry and other fruity flavors of the Bogle Petite Sirah. The taste was awesomeness. The coconut, a strange pairing, I know, brought the full bodied(ness) of the wine down to smooth medium bodied, which I thought was very pleasing =) Although, I wonder if the wine and coconut still would have tasted as such had the strawberries and blackberries not been involved. I will just have to pair them again to find out!

Do you have a favorite fruit + wine pairing?


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